Dr. Glosenger is specially trained to treat facial trauma cases, which require special care so that the mouth and jaw can heal and function properly.

Treating Facial Trauma

A facial trauma refers to any injury to the head, neck, or face. During their residency, oral surgeons undergo training that focuses on the treatment of facial trauma. The purpose of this treatment is to ensure that the areas of injury heal properly and return to full functionality, including a proper bite, speaking and eating abilities, proper breathing, and a restored facial appearance. As a part of their training, oral surgeons are staffed at local hospitals to treat emergency facial trauma cases. For these cases, the oral surgeon provides emergency room coverage and treats individuals who require immediate attention to their head, neck, mouth, or face. This intensive, hands-on training qualifies Dr. Glosenger to evaluate trauma cases and design unique treatment plans for his patients.

Types of Facial Trauma

Trauma is a relatively vague term, but facial trauma that oral surgeons treat focuses specifically on injuries to the head, neck, mouth, or face. This can include
  • Knocked-out (avulsed) teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Broken or fractured facial bones
  • Facial numbness or tingling resulting from trauma
  • Deep lacerations to the face
  • Facial pain
  • Difficulty breathing, swallowing, speaking, or talking resulting from trauma
Every facial trauma case is different, and Dr. Glosenger is here to make sure you receive exemplary care and treatment following any facial trauma incident. Call our office to schedule a consultation, where we will design a personalized treatment plan that focuses on restoring your facial function and appearance following a traumatic incident. Please note that if you are experiencing a medical emergency, go to the nearest emergency room to receive care from the oral surgeon on-call.
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